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Heavy Duty Projects crafts bespoke audio and music solutions that sound like nobody else.

We partner with brands and media companies, creating award-winning Original Scores, Songs, Music Supervision, Artist Collaborations, Covers, Remixes, Sound Design, VO Records, and Final Mix. As a badged TikTok sound partner we are a trusted resource for audio on the platform.

With studios in Los Angeles, New York, and London, we offer direct access to the recording industry, offering our clients strategic guidance at every touchpoint.

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HD EP Dylan Bostick at Mondo.NYC

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MONDO.NYC is back with a week of music, tech, and talks. Our Executive Creative Producer Dylan Bostick will be in from LA, and representing at the conference’s Guild Of Music Supervisors Day, in good company, with leading gaming and entertainment companies, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), Go to Eleven Entertainment, and DMG The panel, “Music Licensing for Video Games: Lucrative, Effective, and Impactful’, kicks off the day at 10am. Expect to hear about Heavy Duty music supervision for Saints Row V, which earned Dylan and Josh Kessler the Guild of Music Supervisors award for Best Music Supervision in a Video Game (Synch) earlier this year.

HD Co-Founder Kate Urcioli speaks at O+ Festival in Kingston

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O+ Festival supports the health of underinsured artists and musicians in the Hudson Valley and beyond through their annual festival, where they exchange art-making and performances for health and wellness services: the art of medicine for the medicine of art. Our co-founder Kate Urcioli will be joining the festival’s roundtable discussion on Sync with esteemed colleagues Lauriana Zuluaga and Jessica Gramuglia. Check out the organization’s website and all the great music, art and wellness coming up this weekend.

BBH launches Hot Wheels campaign, with Original Music by Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty continues to raid the Mattel toy box! The new brand campaign for Hot Wheels cinematically depicts how there are lessons to be learned from failure, and play can be a perfect safe space for this introduction. We can’t wait to see what’s to come from the Hot Wheels brand as they gear up to bring the beloved toys to a new generation of racers and dare-devils! Thank you to SMUGGLER and BBH USA for bringing us along for the ride. Original score by Heavy Duty’s Sean Fitzgerald.